Saturday, 15 October 2011


     Ah, it’s the start of a year, and the start of a blog. Insert epic /ominous music here. I’m thinking Ride of the Valkyries.
     I’m Sophia Gibson and I’m studying Game Art at DeMontfort University right now,  because I’ve grown up wanting nothing but to make video games. I don’t remember wanting to do anything else; I’ve wanted to be a game artist since I was 9, and before that I wanted to be a game designer. A game is, to me, the absolute purest and most complete art form (incoming rant). You can create a fictional environment or a character with a pencil on paper, and you can compose the most epic piece of music, and you can write the most heart-rending story, but to actually walk through that world with all the emotion and experience of someone else is just something else entirely. And if it’s all for the sake of making money and not in the least bit for the sake of art? That’s fine. People will pick up a controller and experience it all the same.
     In short: Games are great.
     Over-the-top rant over! I grew up in Biggleswade, in Bedfordshire (or “The Shire”. Everywhere has Hobbit names. Biggleswade, Sandy, Broom, etc). Or as many know it, “A Bit Near London”. My absolute dream is to be a Character Designer, as my strong points have always been life drawing and portraits, and I enjoy working with a team…But I’d be happy with pretty much any position in game art, and to get there I want to develop my skills in other areas (such as landscapes and architecture).
     What else. I also like reading webcomics (LOTS OF THEM) and watching anime (especially ONE PIECE ONE PIECE ONE PIECE). And I love music. LOTS OF MUSIC.

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